Jul 31, 2008

Tomorrow is Country Day at Photocrap

A fresh shipment of all country "honest album covers" arrives tomorrow. Please make sure to go visit all the great country music blogs on my blogroll too, especially The 9513, Squinty Dan's, Country Universe and the newly added Country, California. See ya tomorrow!

Oh, and I'll repost this for any new readers (viewers):

Honest Album Covers
To be completely honest, I stole this idea. Credit where credit is due: http://www.somethingawful.com/d/photoshop-phriday/honest-album-titles.php?page=1

All of them on this blog are my creations....

A few new honest covers (Texas music fans will love the first one)

Jul 26, 2008

One honest cover for Saturday

Band Mash-up

Admittedly, this is subpar even by Photocrap standards, but I
couldn't find a decent pic of the Cutting Crew.


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