Jul 24, 2014

Top 10 Chase Rice Pet Peeves

10. "Age of consent laws" -Seth Wilson

09. When girls want to take a selfie together after unprotected sex in a coliseum broom closet.

08. Farce the Music/Saving Country Music

07. Speeling

06. Figuring out how to keep dick pics from uploading to photo stream

05. Riting song liricks

04. "When you're trying to bro with your bros and non-bros are all in your brosnis" -Larry Hooper

03. Sam Hunt pulls more leg

02. When people accuse him of misogyny. He doesn't even know a b**ch with the last name Ogeny.

01. Tan line on forehead from wearing snapbacks backwards.

Thanks to a couple of Twitter pals for 2 of these!

1 comment:

  1. Don't know if this is top 10, but gotta be close if not:

    When people writes big werdz about my muzik. Don't know if itz gud r bad.



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