Apr 9, 2015

Please No


  1. Ah, so you're on Pulse Music Board too eh?

  2. Yep. Mostly just lurk around to find out about new songs and albums (and dumb opinions).

    1. HA! Hilarious!

    2. I used to be a part of Pulse Music Board myself..............and I certainly believe the site has plenty of quality posters, including on the Country board.

      But I ultimately left two years ago because I perceived a direct correlation between tighter administrative and/or moderator controls on the kind of commentary allowed, as well as a decrease in meaty contributions from posters. Conversation just became increasingly monotonous there and dissolved more into WrestleMania-esque cheeky drama between posters, catchphrases like "Dead!", "Here _______ comes to snatch wigs!" and "Get that smash, __________!", and flame wars between fans of established divas (most notably Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey and Chrstina Aguilera).

      I still lurk onto the Country board because the community still has exceptionally experienced chartwatchers with a professional grasp at interpreting data. And the community still has a handful of great conversationalists. But I also see a lot of fluffy The Boot/Roughstock/Taste of Country-esque prosetlyzing there (there are a lot of Sam Hunt apologists on that board).



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