Oct 14, 2015

Top 10 Things Overheard at 2015 Luke Bryan Farm Tour Shows

10. Ugh, I didn't think it'd be a real farm. Now my cowboy boots are all dusty.

9. I wish I was old enough to have a beer to hold up during "Drink a Beer!"

8. I'm only here to see if he falls again

7. Look at the ass on that woma... Oh shit, it's a guy again. 

6. I hope he sings "Burnin' it Down"…or is it "Strip it Down?" Same difference.

5. Damn, gotta delete all my Drake albums so there's room on my phone for more pics of Luke's ass.

4. I wish there was such thing as an indoor farm. It smells like somebody shit on a salad out here.

3. I hope Luke covers some classics from the greats that influenced him like Cowboy Troy. 

2. Sure was nice of them to give Cole Swindell his job back. 

1. Are you going to the concession stand? Get me a pumpkin spice something.


A Trailer & Jeremy Harris collaboration


  1. I hate me a jealous ass hater. Why dont you do something positive with your life instead of bashing what this man has worked so hard to CREATE. What do you CREATE? Stupid jokes about people more succesful than you! Thats what.

    1. ^^^still loves disco.

    2. Is "CREATE" different to 'create'?

    3. Anonymous, 35, divorced. Enjoys Luke Bryan, lattes, zumba, couponing, and yelling at her kids in public. Refuses to leave without seeing a manager.



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