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Jul 11, 2016

I'm Sorry, This Exists: July 2016

Teach your kids to annoy people and pollute the planet.

This tattoo of uh... a Bratz doll? Some WWE diva? Oh, it's Taylor Swift.

Cole Swindell panties that say "She's Ready" on the ass. Say it with class.

Selfie with Luke Bryan app. This might be fun, actually.

FGL thong. Pink umbrella not included.

These Twitter parody accounts for Luke Bryan's backside. I'm sure it's riveting stuff.

This shirt, for some miserable soul.

This may look like a Photoshop job, but no..... Gun Nutz exist. I'm sorry.

Double your douchebaggery with this Fireball Yeti tumbler.

Dan + Shay panties. Put 'em on from the ground up.

Another hard-hitting expose from Taste of Country.

This Brantley Gilbert camo t-shirt, which will hide you from employment.

Jan 26, 2016

I'm Sorry, This Exists: January '16

These are all real products, stories, whatever, etc.

This shirt is great because it lets you know who to avoid.

This hard hitting country news...

And this even harder hitting country news...

Dale Watson panties. Almost NSFW.

Swipe left. profile pic?

No thank you.

This Keith Urban inspired t-shirt with a glaring error.

Because f*** the environment!

A Brantley Gilbert bottle opener. Brantley doesn't drink.

Brantley Gilbert shot glass. Just a reminder: Brantley doesn't drink.

Florida-Georgia Line canvas shoes.

Florida-Georgia Line inspired cornhole boards.

Luke Bryan flannel. Good Lord, that's hideous.

Official Kane Brown squad member pin. No one else is allowed to wear it, dammit!

Pure class. You're getting lucky tonight, guy with indiscriminate taste!

Dec 22, 2015

Country Thongs...? (SFW)

If you're looking for a last minute terrible holiday gift for that girl, spouse, friend with benefits, woman, or progressive man in your life, look no further than Cafe Press, where you can get just about anything printed on a thong. These designs are all available with a click and some heavy duty shipping charges if you want them there by Christmas...

Oct 8, 2015

Guest Submissions: Snoop Dogg, Eric Church, Luke Bryan stuff

Meme concept from Colby Cummings

Jacob sent in this picture of a Luke Bryan branded rape whistle.
This is real. No Photoshop involved.

Troy Maturin sent in this Snoop Dogg country album cover.

Dec 17, 2014

I'm Sorry, This Exists: Christmas 2014 Edition

Here are some bizarre country (and 1 rock) music-related products, 
memorabilia and whatnot you can buy or gawk at this holiday season.

Really disgusting Luke Bryan panties

Mama failed. ("Mama Tried" thong)

Autographed baseball from renowned stars of the diamond, Rascal Flatts

Autographed Big & Rich panties.

Florida-Georgia Line prayer candles. You're going to hell if you buy these.

A vintage Aaron Tippin muscle shirt which is actually pretty awesome

A hideous personalized Brantley Gilbert shirt


Lady A earrings for the girl or progressive fellow with three ears

A Megadeth bib for the headbanging rugrat in your life

This Scotty McCreery fried chicken ad
And... this "A Country Boy Can Survive" inspired taxidermy sculpture


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