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May 19, 2010

Top 10 things You Should Expect to See at a John Mayer Concert

List stolen from written by @MusicSnob75 Thanks!!!!!!

10. A whole bus of 13 yr olds who will scream whenever there's a break, "I Love you, John" and not know he's already heard it 10,000 times.

9. Lesbians.

8. The 40 year old cougars who think @johncmayer "Your Body Is A Wonderland" could be their lucky night.

7. The guy who brought his first date standing w/2 beers in his hand but doesn't remember what she looks like.

6. The kids so hip on music today they're wearing the latest @beatles fashions.

5. The two guys who are here because they want you to believe they are ONLY here because @johncmayer plays a mean guitar.

4. The customary fat/skinny girl combo

3. The parents who bring their 13 year old son to show how "cool" & "hip" they are. Him dying at the thought of being seen.

2. The cougar mom and her cubs.

1. The women unsure of their sexuality. Strong enough for a man but made for a woman.


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