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Feb 2, 2018

Groundhog Day

*this gif was previously done with "Breakup in a Small Town"

Aug 4, 2017

King of the Hill: Country Reaction Gifs

"Stick the pink umbrella in your drink..."

When you're at a Lee Greenwood concert
shroomed out of your gourd

Watching the new pop country douchebags file in one by one

Because there aren't enough male/female Americana duos...

When Bobby says Sam Hunt is cool

 When you find out Tyler Childers played
in your town two nights ago

When you scare the shit out of Willie Nelson
with a wicked acoustic solo

Jul 20, 2017

Chapelle's Show: Country Reaction Gifs

*Language Warning*

Say "What" if Dylan Scott sucks

Why are you the next big mainstream country star?

When the car next to Wayne Brady
is blasting Thomas Rhett

Listening to Blake Shelton like...

Would you admit that Colt Ford is a pretty good rapper?

While female artists struggle for airplay
Music Row executives be like...

What's the deal with Sam Hunt fans?

If your couch likes Kelsea Ballerini


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