Nov 12, 2009

Top 10 Interruptions on Kanye West's Upcoming Itinerary

10. Scripted self-mocking interruption on Saturday Night Live appearance (before returning to usual M.O. of actual interrupting)

09. Bringing Senate vote on health care bill to a halt with his interpretive reading of "Green Eggs and Ham"

08. Ending his next album half way through track 7 (featuring Lupe Fiasco), despite listing 13 songs

07. Coitus interruptus w/very unhappy girlfriend to go play Wii

06. Yelling out spoilers at early screenings of New Moon

05. Interrupting Billy Joe Shaver at next Americana Music Awards, narrowly dodging a bullet in the process

04. Telling his psychiatrist "I'mma let you finish, but Freud was the best of all time... of all time!"

03. Interrupting the choral invitation at his church Sunday with a short rendition of "Drunk and Hot Girls"

02. Shushing Walmart greeter mid-hello

01. Interrupting Creed's comeback, winning back the respect of music fans everywhere

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