Sep 25, 2011

Country TwitterFAIL Sept. 25


  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA...these are awesome.

  2. BAAHHAAHA!!! I think these are the best ones so far. LOL @ the Hootie one!!

  3. I like the tweets that dis country music. The fact is, country deserves it. I turned on my radio and heard "Made in America" by Toby Keith. That song takes an important idea - patriotism - and turns it into mindless schlock. It gives patriots and patriotism a bad name. The same goes for a lot of the God songs on the radio. Religion is so important but country music's version of religion is something that people would mock. If country music wants intelligent people to take it seriously, it needs to stop pandering to morons Toby Keith style. If it wants to keep pandering, fine: pandering is lucrative. But don't expect widespread respect from intelligent people when you release racially coded songs like Eric Church's "Homeboy". Right now if you have a brain you can enjoy country, but only ironically. Country music really is "AirHead" music!



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