May 30, 2015

From the Archives: Top 10 Country Songs Most Soccer Moms Would Not Be Fond Of

Originally posted JUN 26, 2011

Top 10 Country Songs Most Soccer Moms Would Not Be Fond Of

Here's a countdown of 10 country songs that would not weigh easily on the sensibilities of most mainstream country radio listeners (now anyway - the Wagoner song made it to #2 in 1967). Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Can you imagine this playing on the radio after Taylor Swift's latest ditty? Me neither.

Hank and pals scream in honor of a "music artist" who frequently took a dump on stage and played in it (to put it nicely) and was also known for wallowing in self-drawn blood (to put it nicely again).

08. "Holding On So Tight" - Gary Floater (portion of the song at this link)
This ode to "punching the clown" might not rest easy on radio programmers' palates.

Lucinda has never been bashful about middle-aged sex. "Now I've got your sweetness all up in my hair"... TMI Lucy!

Unreasonable figures?

Pink champagne, candlelight, surprising the wife (and her lover ...with a knife!!)

Rodney's a born romantic, huh ladies?

03. "Delia's Gone" - Johnny Cash
This shockingly cold and violent song from the Man in Black is all the more disturbing because of who it's from.

I guess if you're as ugly as Coe, you've got to lay on the charm thick.

Hank returns to the countdown with this wordy-durd filled rant against Nashville, offering to put male and female sexual organs back into country music (were they ever there in the first place?) The D-word and the C-word get ample airtime.


  1. Waylon Jennings - 'Cedartown, Georgia' (1971 - written by Mack Vickery):
    Tonight I'll put her on a train for Georgia
    Gonna be a lot of kinfolk squallin' and a-grievin'
    'Cause that Cedartown gal ain't breathin'

    'Knoxville Girl':
    She never spoke another word
    I only beat her more
    Until the ground around me
    Within her blood did flow

    Dwight Yoakam's 'Long White Cadillac', 'What I Don't Know', and 'She Wore Red Dresses'

    And several Gram Parsons song, especially 'Kiss the Children':

    And the gun that's hanging on the kitchen wall, dear
    Is like a road sign pointing straight to Satan's cage

  2. PFF was about GG Allin. Hank 3 also toured with Anal C--t in the late 90s too!!!

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