Apr 25, 2016

Album Review: Go Run Donkey Hot!

Go Run Donkey Hot! - Sumerth
A Review by Robert Dean


When you get an email from a band call “Go Run Donkey Hot!” you tend to want to know more. I mean, what a name. It turns out these dudes are from Croatia and are on the shoegaze come up.

I got a chance to check out their new record Summerth, and it’s kind of like… sexy elevator music. I think if you’re into Mike Patton you’d dig this. It sounds like the sex scene in an 80’s movie with those Cinemax horns and the couple in question fall into bed with soft lighting. The dude has monster pecks, and his lady is in lacy, black lingerie. Afterward, she wears a button up shirt with nothing else. (side note: has that ever happened to anyone in real life? It feels like a movie trick; buttons take way too long to just “slip on” when there are plenty of t-shirts to go around in the conventional closet.)

That’s what Go Run Donkey Hot! sounds like - music to fuck to. It’s sleepy; it’s dreamy, and it’s layered. There’s no moment when the whole record trainwrecks and you’re holding your head in your hands wondering what the hell went wrong. Instead, Summerth is an album you can leave on in the background and get nasty to.

And with the loss of Prince, we need more of that in the world.



Check 'em out here.
Bandcamp: https://gorundonkeyhot.bandcamp.com

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