Apr 1, 2010

.99 Review: The Band Perry

.99 Review: The Band Perry - Hip to My Heart*

The People’s Take:

Surefire sign that the endtimes are near! (1 star) - I honestly lost faith in country radio this week when I heard this song. It’s the most trite, sorry and weak excuse for a song I have heard in my life.

- notwithstanding

As Simon would say, Simply Horrible! (1 star) - I’ve been a musician for 34 years, I’ve gone through a lot of different styles (disco comes to mind) but I can honestly say I have never done anything this bad. The lyrics are bad. They may have potential with a good writer! – javajoecool.

My Take:

Scott Borchetta already has the top “country” artist; now he’s aiming squarely at Lady Antebellum with the Band Perry for the top “country band.”

Much to my surprise, this debut single, “Hip To My Heart,” is a great start towards doing just that. It contains such cool phrases like “I like your lips like I like my coca-cola, yeah ooh how it pops and fizzes…” and “purr baby purr go ahead and say the word lets go…” but while these are clearly some of the weakest lyrics of all time, I somehow still find my foot tapping to Kimberly Perry’s kinetic Nettles-like vocal.

Despite the mandolin and fiddle fills this song is far from a country song but as far as mainstream songs go, it feels almost traditional in its arrangement and it clearly has ‘got that something’ “because brother man” The Band Perry “knows how to get hip to my heart” with this guilty pleasure.

Total Value:

.75/.99 So sue me.


(Checklist taking a vacation for a bit)

*Okay.... so this is obviously one of these: ****

Written by Mr. Matt Bjorke of Roughstock fame. Thanks Matt!

Oh, and this song sucks... country or not.


  1. I usually at least see where you are coming from, but that song is terrible. Sorry.

  2. This is real country music, and if you can't see that you have no taste. Just because they're not on the CMT Top 40 doesn't mean they aren't incredibly talented. Hello, Johnny Cash doesn't get played on the radio either! The Band Perry is only going to get better, and I can't wait to see what's next for this talented group.

  3. Roughstock linky no worky.

  4. This was fun. FYI we linked back to here as well.

  5. Brocephus...Did you just compare them to Johhny Cash? Think about that for a second.

  6. Anonymous... Someday you'll look up, read the timestamp on my post and say to yourself, "Damn, five days after April Fools and I'm still getting April Fooled."

    I don't know man, maybe start taking classes at night or something.

  7. the band perry is horrible. thank you for this

  8. Yes-a big fat slap in the face to country music!
    Truly suck doesn't even start to come close to this trash that country radio started putting out across the air waves-puke! There's no way anyone would pay to listen to this "band" they'd better find someone really good-probably Taylor Swift and yeah people will listen to them because they have to. Johhny Cash comparison?!
    Put down the pipe!!!

  9. I think The Band Perry is Awesome and I think they will go far in country music!!!!!

  10. I like "If I Die Young" quite a bit, actually. I still hate "Hip to My Heart" though.

  11. somone needs to check this bands story---there's more to this than meets the eye or ear!

  12. Why would anybody compare or even mention Taylor Swift when discussing The Band Perry? Last time I checked, Taylor Swift was a terrible live singer who can barely play an instrument. And, just add to that, almost all of her songs these days sound the same. She has no talent and yet is always being praised. I'd rather listen to rap because at least I know they have more talent than Taylor Swift.

  13. The Band Perry does not belong on country radio, along with Taylor Swift (Disney) and Hootie and now Lionel Richie (soft rock). Band Perry's consistently annoying lead singer is awful. "Gone Country" by Alan Jackson comes to mind. Comparing BP to Cash is blasphemy.