Sep 6, 2010

Texas Day 4

Thanks to uh... somebody (sorry, it's been so long I forgot who), for the idea for the Mark Chesnutt cover.


  1. Best yet. Bruce is my fave!

  2. I am pretty sure that I could find a lawyer who would prosecute a Chirs Knight song on attempted murder. Me being the victim, of course.

  3. I Love the Lee Ann Womack one. "Something Worth Leaving Behind" sucked the big one and Womack is trying to be sexy on the cover but she just looks pathetic. I liked Womack's first 3 albums but then I bought into her "Behind" album and felt I had been raped in the back door it sucked so bad. "Forever Everyday" is the most boring single and the "Behind" song is so over the top nauseating. I did like her more recent single "Last Call" though but "Behind" blew chunks

  4. Love the Pat Green one. So true! :)



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