Apr 12, 2014

From the Archives: Top 10 Names for Brantley Gilbert Nation


Top 10 Names for Brantley Gilbert Nation

While pondering the next bit of trash talking about Brantley Gilbert, FTM ran across this shirt design and was reminded that BG fans refer to themselves as such. FTM pondered just what such a nation might be called if granted sovereignty (on the outside chance anyone in the nation could fill out the needed paperwork).

10. Faketanistan

9. Republic of Wallechainia

8. Federal Union of EBT

7. Grabbouti

6. People's Commonwealth of Bangaskank

5. Hertztagopee

4. Walmaritania

3. Tribaltattuga

2. Chlamydia

1. The Douchenited States of Axemerica

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