Sep 27, 2014

From the Archives: Charlie Worsham's First FTM Appearance

Originally posted Sep 29, 2009

.99 Review: Kingbilly "Waiting on You"

.99 Review
"Waiting on You"

The People's Take (iTunes customer reviews)

Should Be #1 in Country Music (5 Stars) – Every time I have seen KingBilly the show has exceded my expectations. Now to here the magic that is their music captured in studio in one of the most beautiful songs ever written, it really blows my mind. If you haven't bought it, bought it. If you have bought it get everyone you have ever known to buy it. Too good for words!
-by techn8143

(All reviews are 5 stars)

My Take

*Note: This is actually Country California's CM Wilcox's take this time. I excluded myself from a review of this song because one of the band's vocalists/songwriters, Charlie Worsham, is from my hometown and went to school with my brother. I didn't want to step on any toes or show any undue bias in either direction but it's fine if CM does :)*
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If you've ever dreamed of reading a love letter from one of the world's biggest pansies, KingBilly will hook you up. Every venture into intimacy leaves him and the woman crying, and he exercises no manly discretion in guarding that fact from public knowledge. In fact, he's just dying to tell you all about it: this song drones on well past the usual 3 minutes, ending closer to the 5 minute mark. KingBilly's apparent belief that a song this boring requires those two extra minutes could easily serve as fodder for a cautionary tale about excessive self-love.

The guys (there are six of them, overwhelmingly metrosexual in appearance) deliver a competent enough performance, which is even an improvement over some artists currently on the radio (read: Rascal Flatts). The production is pretty good, with some actual instruments audible. The harmonies are fine. So really the burden of suck falls squarely on the song itself, which isn't just outwardly boring but even nonsensical by its own internal logic: why would a guy's current girlfriend want a detailed description of his first encounter with another girl (crying and all), such as he offers in the first verse? “We both were breathing like we were in a race/Her hair was hanging down in my face”? Really?

What's she supposed to say to that? Why is he getting such a kick out of telling her? If she's turned on by hearing of his romantic escapades with other women, are there enough Kleenex at home to last through the steamy night ahead?

In summary, blech.

Total value: .20/.99

The Checklist

Name Dropping
Dying Person
County Fair
Lost Love
Check mark symbolLove
Hometown Pride
Kindly Advice
Life Affirmation
Check mark symbolPop Sheen
Star Power

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