Nov 10, 2015

New Video: Kylesa - Lost and Confused

Country and Americana will always be the focus of Farce the Music, but I feel like it's a disservice not to spotlight other genres and acts we dig, because those artists are usually very similar in authenticity and artistic intent, if not sound. From time to time, we'll continue to post videos from the likes of Mastodon and Run the Jewels. It's good to have variety in your life. Here's the new video "Lost and Confused" from sludge metal band, Kylesa. Highly recommended to fans of Baroness, Clutch, and The Sword.

"Lost and Confused" is from Kylesa's new album Exhausting Fire.

1 comment:

  1. Kylesa are excellent. As are Mastodon and Clutch and Pallbearer and Baroness (I'm super-anxiously awaiting Purple) and pretty much all the other metal bands you've named here from time to time. Good metal and good country/Americana have lots in common, IMO. Keep it coming!



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