Sep 28, 2016

Song Premiere: The Dexateens - "Alabama Redneck"

We've got a cool song premiere today from The Dexateens, who are happily back in action these days. I think you'll see (hear) that the song is highly appropriate for a FTM premiere.  The Dexateens are a highly recommended band for fans of Lucero, Arliss Nancy, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, and Two Cow Garage. 
Back in 2011, the group was poised for a breakthrough when singer/guitarist Elliott McPherson decided he was through with touring and the group disbanded. In the off years, bassist Matt Patton went on to become a full-time member of Drive-By Truckers, and guitarist Lee Bains left the band to launch a promising solo career on Sub Pop Records.

A major casualty of The Dexateens’ breakup was their classic lineup's unreleased Southern-garage swan song, Teenage Hallelujah, which—for the last five years—has been sitting completely finished collecting dust in storage. Until now. The recently reunited Dexateens—with the exception of Bains, whose spot has been filled by Taylor Hollingsworth (Dead Fingers, Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band)—are playing shows once again, and have also been working on a new record with Mark Nevers of Lambchop. But in honor of the brilliance that was, Teenage Hallelujah is finally being released Oct. 7 on Cornelius Chapel Records.

New single "Alabama Redneck" is a scathing garage-country critique of modern pop country music as told through frontman Elliott McPherson's acerbic wit and southern drawl.

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