Apr 4, 2017

Trailer's Top Albums of 2017 (1/4 Report)

Usual disclaimer: This list is fluid and will change a great deal going forward. 
Also, these are just Trailer's favorites. The year-end list will be staff voted.








11. Nikki Lane - Highway Queen

12. Sunny Sweeney - Trophy

13. Japandroids - Near to the Wild Heart of Life

14. Natalie Hemby - Puxico

15. Rhiannon Giddens - Freedom Highway

16. Dead Man Winter - Furnace

17. Dale Watson & Ray Benson - Dale & Ray

18. The Band of Heathens - Duende

19. Power Trip - Nightmare Logic

20. Ryan Adams - Prisoner

*New albums from Rodney Crowell and Mastodon would likely be in the top 20; 
I just haven't digested those albums quite enough yet.

1 comment:

  1. I would add...

    Lance Lipinsky and the Lovers - Roll
    Stanley Brinks and the Old Time Kaniks - Vieilles Caniques et Nouvelle Caniques
    The Brother Brothers - Tugboats [EP]
    Blackie And The Rodeo Kings - Kings And Kings
    Kayla Schureman - Kiss The Ground
    Chip Taylor - A Song I Can Live With
    Pieta Brown - Postcards
    The Kernal - Light Country
    Carrie Elkin - The Penny Collector
    Ned Roberts - Outside My Mind
    Rab Noakes - The Treatment Tapes [EP]
    Jaime Wyatt - Felony Blues
    Caroline Spence - Spades and Roses
    Aaron Watson - Vaquero
    Kate Grom - Heroine
    Rayna Gellert - Workin's Too Hard [EP?]
    Otis Taylor - Fantasizing About Being Black
    Cary Morin - Cradle To The Grave
    Tall Tall Trees - Freedays
    Ags Connolly - Nothin' Unexpected
    Austin Hanks - Alabastard
    Tift Merritt - Stitch Of The World
    Whitney Rose - South Texas Suite [EP]

    The Rodney Crowell record was good. Not great but "Storm Warning" ismy jam. New Ryan Adams is quality stuff but definitely not even remotely Country. I know he's one of ours but he's off doing his own thing now and all the better for it imo. Creatively speaking, he sounds revived.



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