Jul 6, 2009

31 Country Music Themes: 1-3

This is the first post of a new Farce the Music series entitled "An Illustrated Guide to the 31 Most Commonly Used Thematical Elements in Contemporary Country Music Songs" (or "31 Country Music Themes" for short). This is by no means an all-inclusive documentation of all the themes used in modern commercial country music... only 99.85% of it. I will post themes two to four at a time, usually once a week, until the list is complete. I hope you enjoy, and I hope your future listening enjoyment is ruined because you try to think of the exact corresponding theme and illustration every time you hear a song on country radio! Oh, and don't forget to enter the free music contest!


  1. Genius. I'll look forward to the rest of this (and a very happy Blog Birthday - thanks for the laughs!).



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