Jul 7, 2009

Relative Size Charts: 6-8

In honor of FTM's 1st Annifarcery Celebration, here's a triple helping of Relative Size Charts. Tomorrow night's post is the first of TWO Country Days this week!!! And there are 5 more days to enter the free music contest. It's easy!


  1. I completely agree with the Rascal Flatts / JC Penny remark. When I read about them signing on for that, I wanted to shoot myself, and my radio. Instead, I wrote my first published online article, with the intentions of awakening people to take action in supporting real country music.

    To make matters worse, they now have a commercial running on what seems to be every f'in chanell on TV. The Denny's & RF "Unstoppable Breakfast!" Trust me, it's more nauseating than it sounds.

  2. Me is not getting the LeAnn Rimes one.

  3. RE: Snakes in head: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=head%20full%20of%20snakes

  4. OhmygoshI'mfamous.

    I'm really not that snarky, though. I don't know where people get that idea. Just trying to keep it real, you know.

    Funny as always.



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