Dec 8, 2010

.99 Reviews: Aaron Lewis - Country Boy

Aaron Lewis (with Chris Young, George Jones and Charlie Daniels) - Country Boy
(Note: linked version does not feature the guest stars)

The People's Take

Aaron is the MAN!! (5 Stars)

by Casie Browning

My wife and I have loved Aaron since Staind started back in 96'. His lyrics have always spoken to us and this song makes us love him even more. Get this now and request it on all the country stations out there.

Watch out country music, Aaron Lewis HAS ARRIVED!!! (5 Stars)

by redheadfaxy

Absolutely LOVE that voice!

My Take
Another day, another rocker going country. I'm not going to delve into the authenticity of this song; I have no idea if Lewis, lead singer of nu-metal outfit Staind, is actually from the country and I don't care. I'm going to take this thing at face value. First of all, he doesn't stray from the down-in-the-mouth, angst-filled delivery he used in modern rock hits like "So Far Away" and "It's Been Awhile." That alone makes this song nearly unlistenable as Mr. Staind never varies from his Alice in Chains-lite vocals. To play devil's advocate though, at least he didn't suddenly develop a Clearchannel-ready twang. Still, it's disconcerting in the context of this song.

Next of all, if there's a "proving my country cred" song with more rural touchstones than this, I'll eat my iPhone (not really; Justin Moore might ruin my lunch with his next release). Hank, guns, jeans, t-shirts, trucks, whiskey, dirt roads, soldiers, patriotism, stubborn independence…. what else do you need right?

George Jones warbles a little and Charlie Daniels even stops in to tell us about family and country and say "sonsabitches" at the end. I guess Chris Young was in there too, but I couldn't pick him out in the first 3 listens… and I don't want to listen again.

Overcompensating much?

Again, I don't know if Aaron Lewis really grew up on a rural route or in a trailer park on 49 South, but even if Jamey Johnson sang this song I'd have to take him to task for going way too heavy on the back woods imagery.

A co-worker said it sounds like one of those songs on a rock album where the band tries its hand at country… and many have done so much better. Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains and especially The Rolling Stones, to name a few.

And then... the song itself. It's as dull as any Staind album cut. That band, while milquetoast as all get out, still managed to create some "catchy" and successful singles based on the Nirvana quiet-loud formula. In "Country Boy," there is no differentiation between verse and chorus melody-wise. It's the aural equivalent of a wet dishrag.

While other rockers gone country have been received at country radio with open arms, I'd be shocked if this one got much of a run. It's just too tuneless and drab, and the superstar appearances have no positive effect whatsoever.

A minor kudos: there's a bit more honesty and grit to this than your average country cred tune, but that doesn't move the arrow much in the positive direction.

This is a dud.

Total Value: .25/.99

The Checklist: (I've added a couple of categories: blue jeans and dirt road)
Check mark symbolLife Affirmation
Check mark symbolName Dropping
Dying Person
County Fair
Check mark symbolBlue Jeans
Lost Love
Check mark symbolHometown Pride
Kindly Advice
Check mark symbolDirt Road
Check mark symbolTruck
Check mark symbolWhiskey
Check mark symbolUSA
Check mark symbolSoldiers
Pop Sheen
Check mark symbolStar Power


  1. Need to add another category to the List: Guns!

  2. Yeah absolutely horrible song. If you gotta prove how country you are well....
    Mike Wise

  3. whats wrong with bein proud of where your from...whats wrong with bein proud of what you do...thats freedom...thats what America WAS all about...sad to see people like ya'll are around ruining America

    1. Aaron Lewis is from a liberal town in Vermont. Annnd, I'm pretty sure its not people critiquing music that is ruining our country. Typically, it's the demographic that listens to this crap that exudes ignorance. Though I know there are exceptions....

  4. When I think "Country Boy" I think anyone from Springfield, Massachusetts . Hilarious ! I guess he loaded up the 4x4 and took the treacherous 27 mile drive to Hartford, Conneticut when he needed to hunt for vittiles at the Safeway! Pathetic .



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