Apr 3, 2012

Brantley Gilbert Fans R Dumb

Here's just a snippet of the idiocy that runs rampant through the Brantley Gilbert fan base. YouTube commenters are known for being the dregs of society anyway, so when you add these BG Nation dolts it gets that much more fun to read. Some of this is pretty offensive, but I didn't even include some of the more vulgar or racist ones I came across. See what we're dealing with, folks...


  1. (only read the first comment so far, had to comment)

    No he isn't Jason Aldean fan, that honor goes to Terri Clark, in my opinion.

  2. (sorry for a double post)

    In reply to the 4th comment: No, the real meaning of badass is Robert Downey Jr. not Brantley Gilbert.

    All of these were so funny.



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