May 8, 2012

Were the Mayans Right?

Another sign of the coming end of days...

Brantley Gilbert's Halfway to Heaven goes gold. Douchebags pose.

Standard disclaimers: This was in no way Photoshopped. Yes, those people actually look that toolish. Yes, that is a confederate flag with BG's branding images on top of it. I'd credit this photo, but I have no idea where it came from. I wouldn't claim it if I were them.


  1. My gawd.What a perfect picture for a Massengill ad.Is that Scott Borchetta in the middle? He fits in perfectly,and I'm pretty sure that's Vanilla Ice on the left.

    (Sorry Robert Van Winkle,you're not even worth that kind of an insult)

  2. Yes, yes the Mayans are right. Excuse me while I figure out a way to go to alternet worl where Robert Downey Jr's The Futurist goes gold instead of Brantley Gilbert's album.

  3. And yet the biggest douche bag of all is the smug looking guy in the middle with the pencil thin goatee holding up the frame.

    Fuck you Scott Borchetta.

  4. This is the kind of bullshit that makes me hate country. Buncha posse pussies.



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