Feb 7, 2013

Parmalee - Carolina (Honest Radio Promo Ad)


  1. Your a piece of shit. These are great guys and they deserve all the acolades they get in country music. Just because you can't move on from the old twangy music doesn't mean country can't. Go play shuffle-board.

  2. Anonymous #1,


    You definitely are the demographic "country" radio is shooting for.

  3. The first two stations are my hometown's "country" radio stations. I used to listen to them every day in the car, going to and from work, running errands, etc., at least an hour a day. ... Now I can't tolerate either one of them.

    Yet, those two stations seem to always stay at or near the top in the local ratings. Last article I read on the ratings, back in December, WKKT was No. 1 and WSOC No. 3.

    The times they are a changin' ... I can roll with that.

    But why does the music have to suck?

  4. I have two post-graduate degrees, all my teeth, and know the difference between less and fewer and that a "complete 360" actually takes you back to where you started, so perhaps I'm not the typical country music fan. But I think your unfunny attacks on journeymen musicians who are playing honest music and finally getting an audience is puerile. If there was any actual humor in your gibes, I could just laugh them off. But they are just mean-spirited, totally lacking in any redeeming value, and designed solely to try and derail new acts as they try to launch their career because you pine for the days of Minnie Pearl and the rest of the Hee Haw gang. Southern boys playing melodic music about love (or beer!) is as country as you get. I'm sorry that Luke or Brantley or whoever has ruined your life by making good, accessible music, but either get funnier in your rants or just slink off into the sunset.

  5. Use a real name if you want to argue, highly educated Parmalee fan. All I'll say is that humor is subjective and thousands of people either find this blog funny or agree with my mean-spirited, puerile attacks. Either way, I'm fine.

  6. Do you use your real name? Call me Farce the Farce.

  7. Ha ha, fine. FTM is preaching to the choir, but the choir keeps growing so I'm fairly certain my message strikes a nerve with people.



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