Nov 6, 2015

New Video: Eric Church - Mr. Misunderstood


  1. Is it bad that I kind of like the whole record? I feel sort of sad/dirty

  2. Man, "Sinners Like Me" was as good a record as I have ever heard. Album by album, they got weirder and worse. But From what I have read, this one is something special. I haven't heard it yet, but Mr. Misunderstood is a cool song.

    Don't feel bad about liking something just because someone you thought you didn't like created it. I am a big Waylon fan. I own a ton of his albums. And there is a lot of buried treasure on those albums. There are also a lot of bad songs. Anybody who isnt willing to admit that can't be taken seriously as a music fan. That many albums, that many years... you're going to cut stinkers. That doesnt diminish who Waylon was or the body of his best work. In the same way, I don't have trouble admitting Luke Bryan, FGL, and Jason Aldean have cut some really cood songs. i don't like then as artists, but a good song is a good song.

  3. for a guy that sells out stadiums to acknowledge a ol wore out road dog folkie who can't sell out gruene hall..well thats damn nice



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