Mar 31, 2010

In the Year 2030 #2

•Contemporary male country singers now name drop Justin Moore, Eric Church and Jason Aldean as proof of their country cred

•King Obama proclaims September National Western Swing Appreciation Month

•Martina McBride killed in 5-hour shootout with Mexican border narcotics officers

•Grunge hip-hop latest musical trend; flannel and bling shortages reported nationwide

•Big Kenny saves 5 refugees from house fire during Costa Rican civil war; John Rich saves flask of Black Label from flipped Land Rover

•Digital music can be downloaded from iTunes by thought to a 3 terabyte chip in the purchaser's temple, bringing new meaning to the phrase "that damn new Flo Rida song is stuck in my head"

•Kristian Bush sues Jennifer Nettles for half her career earnings, despite Sugarland having broken up 17 years prior

•Miley Cyrus' jazz album tanks

•Kings of Leon loses last original fan by covering Bon Jovi's "Have a Nice Day" non-ironically

•Tobacco references banned from ClearChannel; Jake Owen, Jerry Reed catalogue royalties plummet


  1. Wow, Martina still doing her drug thing at age 64?

  2. "King Obama"?!?! Are you trying to give us conservatives a heart attack?



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