Jul 4, 2010

Country Day July: 2 Year Anniversary Edition

Farce the Music (+ a few months as "Photocrap") turns 2 years old on Monday, so we're celebrating with an extra large edition of Country Day. Thanks for sticking with me this long!


  1. How are EYB sellouts? Jet Black & Jealous is very much in line with Level. Always the Love Songs just happened to hit it big. Any band making songs like Guinevere aren't sellouts in my book.

  2. Guinevere is the biggest piece of schlock to come out of the state of Texas in years.

  3. Trent, I agree. Just because EYB is popular now, people are gonna think they 'sold out.' Some of us stood apart before, but now everyone is on the EYB bandwagon and we aren't as special anymore. Let me say this though. The first time i saw those guys, there were 15 people in the crowd and they played their hearts out. After the show, they stayed and talked to people until the last person left. I saw em later at a sold out show and they acted the exact same way. Don't hate on their music, Mr Anonymous.



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