Jun 21, 2011

Satirical Lyrical: A Realistic Summer Song

Here's a more realistic take on all the "got my girl and the weekend and my truck and we're going to the cabin and life is good" songs that come out about this time of year, just in time for summer country radio.

Here We Go
©2011 FTM Satire

I already paid the cabin rent
So we'll have fun, or you can go get bent
You're mad that your poodle couldn't come
But her yappin' makes it hard to get me some
Get your dirty feet off my dash
And gas is high, you best pitch in some cash
Beer is cold, but it's only Natty Light
The music's loud cause we just had a fight

But here we go
Down this old dirt road
Skies are blue, the sun's aglow
We got fish to catch and boats to row
Stop calling me a so and so
Oh no, here we go

Good thing you look good as you look
Cause you won't touch a fish or bait your hook
Girl I thought you quit those cigarettes
You said you've got bad habits you ain't quit yet
Water's fine but I don't like your drift
And I think that bikini top is last year's fit
Now you say you need to take a leak
But I think we're paddling up shit creek

Oh here we go
Sun is hangin' low
Boat's takin' on water slow
Dragonflies dipping to and fro
Try to kiss you but you say no
Oh no, here we go

Now the rain is falling on this old tin roof
Your nightshirt's got me in the mood
But we ain't said a single word
And you're over there playin' Angry Birds

Oh here we go
The end is coming close
Rain comin' down like our hopes
No romance in the candle glow
Guess I'll watch the Kimmel show
Oh no, here we go

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