Jan 6, 2012

Colt Ford Walks Da Line

With news of the forthcoming 2nd "The Music Inside" Waylon Jennings Tribute album, FTM got exclusive rights to print the lyrics for Colt Ford's take on the classic "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line." Here you go!

Only Mackdaddy gon' Walk Da Line
(Colt Ford remake of Waylon Jennings' "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line")

Errbody know you been steppin' on my toes
And I'm perty sick n tired a' it
Creepin', steppin' out of line
You been trippin' wit my mind
Little ho' you know you best quit

'Cause ever since you was a little sexy country dime
You been reppin' me the only g that's worth your time
Now you better check yoself and then you'll find
You got the only mackdaddy who gon' walk da line

I'm makin' paper every day while you sittin' on your donk
An' you poppin' champagne all night
I'm gettin' sideways
From your gold diggin' plays
Now you best believe that ain't right

riff (2x)
riff (2x)

You keep on tossing out my chones nearly errbody know
That you're still so damn shady, tho'
But when I get to bailin'
Gonna hear you start to yellin'
Aksin' me back up in this home


You got the only mackdaddy who gon' walk dat line


  1. The only line this guy walks is the the one between Waffle House and Being everything that is soul less and wrong with music today.

  2. I ran into this guy once, didn't seem like too terrible of a guy just a little outta whack never really checked into any of his stuff until I saw this. Tell you what, they should forget about the marines urinatin on the dead enemy troops and go after Colt for for urinatin on the legacy of country music. Dear Lord...



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