Jan 12, 2012

Video Review: Casey Donahew Band - Double Wide Dream

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Jacked up truck. American flag. Trucker caps. Cut-off jeans. Sleeveless shirts. Beer. Party in a field. 

This sounds like the checklist for a Jason Aldean video, but it's not. It's just a sampling of the clich├ęs used with reckless abandon in the video for the Casey Donahew Band's "Double Wide Dream." If it weren't for the slightly different band playing in a slightly different abandoned house, nobody'd know the difference between this video and that of any of dozens of other "I'm by-God country" songs.

There's not a single scene that steers clear of hackneyed imagery. In every case that creativity could have been used, banality is slapped on like a do-it-yourself camo paint job on a swamp mudder pickup. Every stock image one could possibly imagine is here. 

Oh, the wonders of modern technology. Surely this was created in some video template software. Just take pictures of each band member's face and a couple of action shots, have the singer do a few lines, tick off your preferred "country truisms," set the tempo to the particular song, and boom: instant redneck video! 

I bet you'll never guess how the video end. Go on, guess. 

You must be some kind of Nostradamus! Yep, Mr. Donahew gets hauled off to jail for partying too hard! Hahahahaha, I just wet my overalls. So funny and unique!

What makes this all even worse is that the lesser CDB hails from the Texas music scene - a scene that scoffs at the trappings of Nashville. Yet, here they are, blending in, joining 'em not beating 'em, Pat Greening. We saw how the latter worked out, but CDB is striking at the right time so they may fit right in and climb the heights of success in Nashvegas. Don't forget: king of the turds is still a turd.

Anyway, this video is not worth repeat viewing, other than a little nice scenery of the female sort. It's not terrible enough to enjoy in the "so bad it's good" way either. I'd prefer an A or an F. This is a D-.

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