May 8, 2013

How to Write Like Ray Wylie Hubbard

If you're not following RWH on Twitter or Facebook, you're missing out. He's a wealth of Buddha-esque knowledge, wild stories and tomfoolery, as this short piece (collected from Twitter) on "how to write like Ray" reveals.

E chord without the third. gloria or louie, louie riff. 
smokestack lightning groove. 
nursery rhymes about reptiles, 
card games, the devil, knives. 
throw away all flat picks and get them fingers 
thinking independently from each other.
listen to mance, lightnin, muddy, the wolf, john lee, 
townes, l. cohen and ernest tubb.
read a lot of mythology.
get a pair of rough out cowboy boots, a black t shirt, your grandmother's wire rim glasses and 
put blue lenses in 'em and cut your own hair.
thats it. 
it ain't exactly secrets of the spinx.
now go forth into the adventurous joyful mysterious world of songwriting and wear it as if it were an albatross hanging around your neck till judgement day.
also know there will be years on your income tax return you will be just above hobby status.
good luck (but don't depend on it)

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