Aug 15, 2013

Hank Williams Museum Commemorative CD

By Johnny Edlin

Tradional country and honky-tonk musician Joey Allcorn is staying very busy these days. The Georgia native has a new album due out in 2014, but it's the current project Allcorn is working on that is getting a lot of attention.

Not long ago Joey stopped in at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. What he found there amongst all the Williams memorabilia (including that famous baby blue cadillac) was the inspiration for a tribute album. The Hank Williams Museum Commemorative CD will feature, Joey Allcorn, Rachel Brooke, Arty Hill, David Church, Andy Norman, Jake Penrod and Bobby Tomberlin.

The album will be available only exclusively through the museum. All the money brought in from the album sales will go directly to the museum. Allcorn recently told me the money from the album sales will also help the museum to do projects that promote Hanks memory and legacy.

The album will feature original material as well as, a new recording of "The Death of Hank Williams," "Midnight," which I learned is the last song Hank ever sang and also "Death Is Only A Dream," which according to a 1952 Country Song Roundup interview was Hanks favorite song.

Most of us are broke all the time but we still manage to spend that extra $20 a month on something we do not need. I urge you to spend that extra $20 this month on something worth while. Skip that trip to Taco Bell with the girlfriend, buy your scratch off lottery tickets next week and help make sure this tribute album happens. Hank Williams is considered by many the greatest singer/songwriter of all time. Help make sure his memory and legacy is not forgotten.

To help ensure that this album sees the light of day and to help the museum, I encourage you to visit and click on the Hank Record link. There are some awesome rewards you will get based on your contribution. Go see for yourself.

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