Aug 15, 2013

Larry Lee the Primitive Baptist Reviews: Luke Bryan - That's My Kinda Night

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An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

It looks like the writers and singer of this impossibly stupid song failed to study their Proverbs. Instead, they delight in being dummies. They rejoice in jackassery. They exalt idiocy. If one wishes to witness the results of the American educational system, they need only turn the radio to a country or "hip hoppin'" station. There, the buffoonery and feeble-mindedness of the general populace is on full display for your incredulous ear.

And now we have the point at which these two bastions of bone-headedness come together! Yes Christians, the country folk and their urban brothers are finally setting aside their differences and smashing the musical genres of Blake Shelton and "Snoopy Dogg" together into some un-Godly mess of slang and lapsed morals. When two dummies collaborate, you can't expect anything enlightening to come of it. Mercy upon those who enjoy this travesty!

This Luke Bryan song speaks of hottie country girls and beer and tailgates. At one point, Mr. Bryan even asks his female companion to hand him a beer while they are still in his "big black jacked up truck." This is not only against the Lord's will and against the law, it is in direct conflict with furtherance of the human species. Natural selection, I believe they call this? Unfortunately, Darwin seems to be wrong yet again because people just keep getting stupider and stupider.

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.
Luke Bryan and the writers of this song seem to prove the old saying that "a fool despises wisdom." Fans of this song are allowed to operate motor vehicles and vote. If that doesn't make you turn to God, I don't know what will. 

Folks, any song that celebrates that lusty pervert Conway Twitty can't be any good for the soul. This one is also detrimental to the mind. Stay far from this if you value your earthly virtues and expect eternal rest. And for you low-information music fans who live only to see Mr. Bryan "twork" his backside in jeans a man should never wear and sing drivel such as this….. Hell awaits.


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  1. Good news, Mr. Lee...the video is no longer available.



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