Nov 15, 2013

Single Review: Matt Woods - Deadman's Blues

Matt Woods' "Deadman's Blues" is the sound of an open wound, of the emotional variety. It lays bare a music man's deficiencies in the realm of love. I'm sure it's at least partly autobiographical - all the problems, unavoidable and not, that occur between a touring musician and a significant other left at home. Matt's expressive vocals go a long way towards making this the tour de force it is, but I can't say enough about the sincerity and power in the writing itself. It's almost painful to hear, in the best of ways. It's like we're the accidental witnesses to a late night confessional and I can't help feeling a little guilty finding so much beauty in such a raw disclosure. And those vocals… it's a masculine delivery with a tear deeply embedded; then he rips your heart out when he lets it all go in the final seconds. "Deadman's Blues" is a truly amazing song, that only whets my appetite for the full album to come. Woods is an artist with the talent and heart to someday possibly find himself among the Isbells and Morelands of the world.

You can sample the song and purchase the mp3 here.

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