Apr 17, 2014

Fenixon (Waylon and Shooter Jennings)

This sounds interesting. Waylon & Shooter circa 1997, doing a heavily NIN influenced "I Found The Body." I'm pretty sure a lot of traditional country fans will express anger at Shooter for releasing this, but don't count me among them. My recollection from Waylon's autobiography is that he enjoyed & was proud of the bit of involvement he had in Shooter's industrial/alternative rock projects. To me this song is kinda the equivalent of watching any dad getting involved in what his teenage son is into, and there's nothing to be ashamed of there. If this had the feel of a cash grab by Shooter I'd be unhappy I guess, but from what I read he is only pressing 1000 white vinyl copies of this for Record Store Day. 

This song also appears (in much different form) on Waylon Forever, recorded with Shooter & The 357s. That's also a very fine album, containing my personal favorite version of Waymore's Blues. 

-Kelcy Salisbury 


  1. I could not get the song to play? I could not find the album on Amazon MP3? I heard it on Shooter's show and loved the entire album.


  2. The Soundcloud link at the bottom worked fine for me. I don't think it's going to be released digitally and I've only seen the vinyl for sale on one online dealer. It's still available at record stores, to my knowledge.

  3. (I deleted your last comment Reed; no issue with you - just don't want to link to file-sharing sites here)



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