Nov 29, 2014

From the Archives: Parody of Brad Paisley's "Water"


Brad Paisley's "Water" parodied

(Parody of Brad Paisley's "Water")

Cantankerous fool full of dead hot air
Twenty-five years old
Snarkin' everywhere
So much pretentiousness to share
As a blogger

With my new friends
We're in the know, or we pretend
Jimmy Wayne is a wuss
I make fun of him
I'm a blogger

Yeah when that comment thread starts to heatin' up
That always serves as proof
We've got traffic up
And folks are clicking through
What that means, I have no clue

Martina, Keith, Bucky and Blake
Are famous so I hate
With style so congratulate
This blogger

You know I have no joy

Yeah if I feel my foot start to tappin' down
And I start to sing out loud
I just punch myself in the ear till I feel the way I should
If it's popular, it's no good

Maybe it ain't fair
And I could be wrong
But I don't care
I even hate this song
I only like what's little known
I'm a blogger

I don't really care if you think I'm weird
That I have no dates
Well, that's pretty clear
You know that pretty girls all fear

*The dearly departed 9513

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