Jan 25, 2015

Couple of Recent FTM Spotify Playlists

Sad songs are always good, no matter the mood (for me anyway). Here's a looong playlist (115 songs) of heart-breakers hand-picked by me (and a few I threw in that aren't necessarily my favorites, but give the playlist some depth and variety). Enjoy (or weep into your beer)!

And here's an even looooonger playlist (308 songs) of some of my favorite mainstream country songs from the 90s - the last decade in which anybody seemed to really give a damn about making commercial music mean something. You'll want to hit shuffle on this one, they're grouped by artist.


  1. You are right about the 90s. The other day the music died, or decade. The giants of my generation all died tha decade; Cobain, TuPac, Biggie Smalls and not on accident, which REALLY says a lot about the time. And when they died what did we get... Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Speares, & Christina Aguilera. That also says a lot about the times... Haven't recovered since.

    And Shania Twain released her albums in both a pop and "country" format (with the pop outselling the country) thus causing record executives to say, "You know why don't we just get all those pop fan dollars by cutting out this middle man called country and having country acts make pop music labeled country. We'll make millions and pop fans can feel like they have more eclectic tastes than they actually do. It's a win-win."

    This was also the birth of the Loudening War and Auto-tune. It was all down hill after about 1996 for me.

  2. COMPLETELY agreed about the 1990s being the last decade that mainstream music meant something 1000%! I mean look at Colin Raye's song "Little Rock" it was a big ol' hit during the 90s when it was released had it been released today it would have been glossed over in favor of the latest "hotties in shotties on my tailgate in the full moon" hick-hop anthem!



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