Feb 22, 2016

Album Review: White Fire - Burned in Effigy

*salty language and drug references*

White Fire - Burned in Effigy
A Review by Robert Dean

Attn: freakazoids who like bands like Coalesce, Botch, Converge, but still like to chill and smoke hella weed to bands like Mountain of Wizard, Sleep, or whatever doom the guy at the gas station always talks to you about.

White Fire is a band that you should give your hard earned Internet time for a few spins. The now-defunct St. Louis band is one of those bands that while they’re not around anymore kinda hurts because they’re really fucking good. I can’t say if they got so depressed about living in St. Louis that was the critical factor in their demise, but I do know that it’s a major bummer.

The songs are well rounded and offer some mellow boysetsfire vibes while leaning on that smoke-obsessed stoner that heshers adore. One their ep Burned in Effigy, we’re treated to some moments that harken to lesser known bands like The National Acrobat, or even Keelhaul.

If you’re looking for some solid jams to stroke your beard to, get on this White Fire shit. It delivers on the metal with some touches of prog as the ep delves deeper – which is cool because luckily, it never gets shitty like Mastodon has. I’d take White Fire any day over that sad fest any day of the year.

Sorry, you had to call it a day boys, the screaming guy community is worse off for it.

I give this record a seven bong pulls out of ten.

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