Nov 16, 2016

An Open Letter to Zach De La Rocha

Sup dude. The track you did with Run the Jewels was excellent. Super stoked on it. The stuff you did with the dude from Mars Volta, also badass.

But, dude. We need to talk.

There’s the elephant in the room. You know what it is. I don’t have to spell it out. We’re gonna need you to pick up the phone and give your dudes a call. This Prophets of Rage thing ain’t working. Believe me, we all love Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, but we love Rage Against The Machine more. We need you back on the microphone.

The situation is dire, and there isn’t a better voice in all of music that spits pure acidic bile like yours. For over twenty years, we’ve had Rage Against The Machine as an arbiter, a reality check of what the cultural pulse is, what we’re blind to, and whose hands have blood on them. Have you watched the news lately? We have a situation that requires a swift pen and mighty vengeance illuminating the issues at hand.

When you wrote verses during the Bush and Clinton eras they were siren songs to the masses that couldn’t grasp the world around them. You fell silent, and now, we need that fire back, and we need that vitriol. I know you didn’t write “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” but if those words aren’t poignant as ever, then what is?

Sure, many bands have a lot to say, but few have your megaphone, your stage. We need the world to feel that anger again as the streets are full of protests – who will be the soundtrack? We need Rage Against The Machine.

So, just hit me up or something….

Your pal,
Robert Dean


  1. Fucking sign out button wiped my reply.

    I too wish RATM was still active. I too wish Zach was out on the front lines fighting at Standing Rock, marching with BLM, protesting Trump. Fuck, he could have a podcast or something, but your post proved something to me. You and I can be out there too, on the bullhorn, on the mic, you see it, I see it, silence is the only way to lose. I'm sure where z is, he's doing more than me.

    Let's change that.

  2. Zach,
    RATM and your lyrics had me Hooked the first time I seen you in 1991 in Champaign IL with Cypress Hill. Your music isn't just music. It's an anthem , a religion to our generation. We need you and that sweet motherfucking microphone poetry more than ever brother!! Your #1 fan



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