Dec 28, 2016

Be of Good Cheer! 2017 Music to Look Forward To!

Okay, we know 2016 has been um... difficult. That trope has been beaten to ...never mind. Anyway, here are a bunch of things to look forward to in 2017 to lift your spirits, if your spirits are in fact in need of lifting. I posted earlier versions of this on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, but this one is even more complete. If any artists/bands/producers/PR people wanna clue us in on more new releases, shoot us an email and I'll add to the list!


  1. oh lord, what i gonna do? i feel like leonardo at the end of titanic..ain't enough room for me on that board..

  2. Mr Hubbard, I believe they'd all let you be the Captain of the ship!

  3. I am most looking forward to the on Steve Earle just recorded that he says aims to be more country (he said in an interview that it is the record that he would have done after Guitar Town if the label had not pissed him off). Richard Bennett producing with Ray Kennedy. (Bennett produced Guitar Town.). Includes duets with Willie and Miranda and a tribute to Guy. Dropping mid summer: "So You Want to be an Outlaw" is the title track. And Isbell has said he is going into the studio this winter.


  4. Jason Boland and George Strait ought to have new albums next year, too, at least if the every-two-years release schedule from the last five years or so continues. I am certainly crossing my fingers.



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