Dec 17, 2016

From the Archives: Bro-Country Christmas Songs

Originally Posted Dec 16, 2014

Bro-Country Christmas Songs

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter pals for most of the titles!

Here We Come A-Rolling Coal

Where It's At (Ho Ho) - @10lbhammerbp

Cherry Moonshine Christmas

Rudolph the Fireball Liquor Rep - Michael Crabtree

Run Run Raptor

Go Mounting Then Tell It

Truck Nuts Hanging by a Muddy Tire - @PollockBrennan

We Turnt Up on a Midnight Clear

Let it Bro, Let it Bro, Let it Bro - Brice Volker

Santa Looked a Lot Like a City Boy - Josh Clapper

Merry Christmas from Cell Block 4 - Adam Drake

Drunk on a Sled - John Deery

You're a Wee One, Mr. Moore - Anna Vincent

Felix Culata

Shake Your Sugar on My Cookie - Jeremy Plotkin
Oh, Holey Jeans - Chris Watts

Mudders in the Snow

Jager Claus is Comin' to Town - Y.J. Jones

White Tank Top Christmas - @amandaac826 

Up on the Hood Top - Country Perspective

God Rest Ye Hotties Shakin' It

All I Want for Christmas is the Restraining Order Lifted - Charlie Retz

Bro, Do You Even Go Caroling?

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