Mar 20, 2017

Farce Madness Update

 The Junk Drawer and Bro-Country regions have moved to the round of 32 after Thursday and Friday voting. First round matchups were mostly won by higher seeds, but there were a few upsets ("Body Like a Back Road" crushed "Truck Yeah"), as you can see below.

Today we'll have the "Oldies" Region voting on Twitter. This is the round with the most random seedings - it's hard to get a handle on how to rank a novelty song from 1972 vs a gimmick song from 1993, for example - and songs some people don't even think should be there ("Country Bumpkin" and "Nobody" in particular). We'll see how it goes.

The Meat & Potatoes Region votes tomorrow.

Here are the updated brackets for Junk Drawer and Bro-Country.

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