Jul 21, 2018

Archives: I'm Sorry, This Exists ft. Glen Campbell, Chris Brown, Hunter Hayes


I'm Sorry, This Exists: April '13

Hunter Hayes Varsity Jacket

Brantley Gilbert Hair Bow

David Allan Coe drawing by convicted murderer,  Robert John Bardo

Brantley Gilbert accidentally racist car flag

Chris Brown ugg boots

This grammatically incorrect t-shirt

Gary Levox fan art
"Jesus Take the Wheel" coffee mug

Kid Rock "Feel Like Makin' Love" Condoms

This morbid Kurt Cobain "27 Club" prayer candle

Lee Brice "Hard to Love" boyshorts

Luke Bryan painted glass

Romance novel based on a James Otto song
Hunter Hayes "I want to make you feel wanted" boyshorts

Velvet Glen Campbell "printed with actual black velvet + a squirt of manly musk"
Garth Brooks thong ...friends in low places, indeed!

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