Jul 27, 2019

Archives: The Scourge of Bleeding Cowboys

The Scourge of Bleeding Cowboys

Bleeding Cowboys is a free grunge font offered at Dafont.com. When it first came out years ago, I'll admit I thought it was pretty cool. I started noticing it on blogs, t-shirts, logos and album covers. Didn't mind it so much. Then the calendar flipped over to 2008 and I was pretty tired of it. That didn't stop work-at-home graphic designers (and apparently, designers at major firms - see the Taylor Swift liner art and Daughtry cover) from slapping it on everything that needed attitude for years to come. The below is a large, but far from thorough collection of album covers and music-related art that uses the horribly overused Bleeding Cowboys. Designers: Stop being so cheap and lazy! (that's my job)

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