Nov 19, 2019

The Black Crowes / "She Talks to Angels" / Howard Stern Show

(Yes, they're back together... at least the brothers and some other dudes are ... and touring in 2020)

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  1. Spoiler from Gorman's book:

    In the late 2000s (or early 2010s) Stern's producer Gary asked if the band would play Howard's birthday party. Everybody was okay with it but Chris, who said he required $150,000...for him, not the whole band.

    The Black Crowes' manager pointed out that in the "Shake Your Money Maker" days, Howard was one of their biggest supporters. He even wore a Crowes t-shirt on his first appearance on David Letterman.

    "F*** that," Chris Robinson said. "Black Crowes fans don't listen to Howard Stern anyway."

    It is telling indeed that he and Rich and whoever those other guys are will go on Stern's show now. And it's indicative of how broke Chris and Rich must be that they're doing a tour together and calling themselves the Black Crowes.

    What a sham.



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