Jul 21, 2020

Video Premiere / Market Junction / "Western Coast"

Photo by Jason Allison
Today we’ve got a video premiere from the Texas band Market Junction. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. They’ve opened for Jack Ingram, Flatland Cavalry, Ray Wylie and more. They’re big in their home state, and soon, hopefully, they’ll be big everywhere with the release of their new album Burning Bridges on August 7th.  Market Junction plays smooth, thoughtful country folk that’s sure to appeal to fans of John Baumann, Adam Hood, and Jason Eady. The performance video we’re premiering is for the song “Western Coast,” a wistful tune with beautiful, understated harmonies and a pointed loneliness that saves its sharpest arrows for the final lines. 

Market Junction released the single “A Stone Will Sink” this past Friday. More information below the video!

Market Junction’s Matt Parrish on the song:
"You can change the scene, chase a dream, leave your hometown, put a couple thousand miles on your old truck, and even put down new roots...but you can’t outrun a heartache.  Even a prizefighter runs out of gas in the later rounds. Old habits are hard to break, so just plan on waiting them out. 

This song was started at a writing session for an artist named Cory Morrow. Justin and I were at his place near Austin, Texas, helping him with songs for his new project when we stumbled upon the guitar intro and idea. It took a solid year to finish this song, but it’s become one of our favorites on the record." 

Market Junction. Not a place as the name implies but rather the name of a band that has engaged fans with their songs of love and loss since 2012 when they released their freshman effort, Heroes Have Gravestones.

In 2011, Matt Parrish gifted friend and fellow songcrafter Justin Lofton a vinyl pressing of Ray LaMontagne’s God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise for his birthday and the fires of inspiration were ignited. The pair set out on a journey to create the kind of music they not only loved to listen to but music that they loved to play. Since those early days, the band soon expanded its lineup to include Taylor Hilyard on bass guitar and Michael Blattel on drums, sharing stages with Cory Morrow, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Jack Ingram, Radney Foster and more.

“We’ve done nothing the conventional way”, says Parrish.  “It’s taken us nine years to figure out who we are and what direction we want to take our careers,” adds Lofton.  The combination of lyrical prowess and Lofton’s fretboard mastery has resulted in a sound that is rooted in place and time, but that transcends both. While the band has found success in their beloved home state of Texas, they are ready to show the rest of the world what they can do. The wait will have been well worth it for Americana music fans across the country - Market Junction will release their latest LP, Burning Bridges, on August 7, 2020. This collection of songs tells one story, one of a young man learning about love and its consequences. Sometimes the heartbreak spurs the traveling, and other times the traveling is the cause of the heartbreak.  Either way, Burning Bridges will break your heart in the best kind of way, and have you reaching for the keys.

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