Dec 31, 2022

Archives: Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Kane Brown Fans


10. Pass 10th grade…third time's a charm

9. Sell the rest of the crack and get grandma's priceless heirloom China out of hock

8. Return the "Managing Your STD" book to the library now that the internet's back up

7. Lose 15 pounds so I can fit back in my good Juicy shorts

6. Get that sorry motherf***er at Farce the Music shut down for hating on Kane

5. Stop telling my kids their daddy is in Angola - the country - when he's actually in Angola - the prison

4. Fix the hole in the trailer floor from the failed meth cook

3. Through strongly worded but grammatically incoherent YouTube comments, convince Kane he should dump his fiancee and marry me

2. Get the "Only God Can Juge Me" tattoo covered up

1. Stop calling the DMV the HPV

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