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Nov 21, 2016

An Open Letter to Ian MacKaye

Been a long time, dude. What’s up? You’ve been keeping a low profile these days, minus the occasional podcast interview – but I’m psyched you’ve still got plenty to say.

But you know, hey – so, I know a lot of folks ask you this all the time… but can we please get Fugazi back?

I know, I know you’re tired of getting asked. I’m confident promoters from all over the world throw piles of money at you or promise to donate the money to whatever charity. You’re a group of men who stand on principle, and that’s rad as hell. Right now, I’m trying to appeal to those principles, too.

I don’t claim that I know the world’s business to an infinitesimal level, but I do know that we need y’all to be one of the voices that resonate to sort this whole mess out. Open up a newspaper, or click open Facebook and people are a goddamned mess. The country pretty much hates one another, and even our comedians are like, “what do we do now?” It’s an odd, surreal time in America.

But, one thing I do know is we could use the power of positivity in our lives right now. What more could we ask for than to be at some youth camp, or YMCA or non-corporate venue and hear that opening bass riff of “Waiting Room” or any classic track off Repeater? We need the voices of our heroes to guide us when the path is clearly just fucked up.

The world needs Fugazi back in the saddle. We’re minus all of the political bands who have something to say. We have no guiding principles, and no one is there to lead us in the selfie-cum-millennial ideology we’re mired in. The world is a dreadful, maudlin place at the moment; it’s downright frightening for a lot of groups. Sure, some folks think the water is fine, but the best art, the bands and artists with real mojo, they need something to hang their hat on, and boy howdy we’ve got the canvas for the next couple of years.

So, please give it a think. We’re waiting, and we’re ready. Come on back.


Your pal,

Robert Dean 


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