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Aug 28, 2020

FTM Song Premiere / Ruby Mack / "Machine Man”

Photo by Gianna Colson
Inspired by Americana traditions, the four songstresses of Ruby Mack are rough around the edges, with their unabashed harmonies and pictorial lyricism. The band is made up of Abbie Duquette (fretless uke bass); Zoe Young (vocals and guitar); Abby Kahler (bocals and fiddle); and Emma Ayres (vocals and guitar.)

“Machine man is an ode to the blue-collar workers, the skilled laborers, without whom the fabric of the lives we live would surely unravel,” says Kahler. “Machine Man shines a light on the beauty and grit of the special folks who work with their hands in an age when they are not celebrated nearly enough.”

“We ended up nurturing a love song for a mechanic who saved us one too many times,” adds Young. “You never realize how much you value skilled workers until you’re faced with a relentless, ‘check engine’ light and zero idea how to fix it,” says Duquette.

You can preorder Ruby Mack’s forthcoming album Devil Told Me here.


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