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May 16, 2017

Snapping Necks with New York's Incendiary

by Robert Dean

The world needs more honest hardcore bands. There's too much fluff and mixing of genres these days. When you say “hardcore band” it shouldn’t include happy riffs, any ironic country shit or singing these monolithic, pop punk inspired hooks – hardcore should be a fast, chugging band with a social message. That’s the essential DNA of the genre: the music needs to be fast and pissed.

I ain’t saying there’s not room for bands with all of the stuff I mentioned. I love Candiria or Poison The Well as much as the next guy. But, when it comes strict hardcore, let’s respect the blueprint, and save the other bands for some sub-genre label.

Incendiary is a New York band who are keeping the flame lit and doing it right. On their new record, Thousand Mile Stare, Incendiary don’t hold back on providing that early to mid 90’s hardcore sound so prevalent in New York. Fast, under three minutes and crushing – the exact mix of elements what we want. (Side note: I want to say hardcore kids because it’s the genre term. But, I’m 35, and I have children. I still relate to the term, but it feels slightly odd. Maybe kid at heart? I dunno. Please comment.)

Think Snapcase meets Vision of Disorder. Earth Crisis meets Sick of It All. You get the picture. Thousand Mile Stare is a straight ahead hardcore record that will hopefully turn some heads and get kids at shows and reignite those fires from back in my day. Hardcore used to be about community, a sense of purpose, and finding a voice. As long as bands like Incendiary keep putting out records like Thousand Mile Stare, it brings all of that pre-internet cultural reliance back.

Hardcore was built on idealism. As bands realize the music is about a tactile, community-driven experience, the music should replenish itself with the ethos of the feeling of a flyer in hand mentality again. If you’re a student of hardcore’s history, a lot of the anger stems of the political machine’s gears chewing up the population, and now with the Cheeto in office, we’re going to get a lot of politically-driven records.

If Incendiary is any indication of the precise quality and craftsmanship of the next wave of bands, my old ass cannot wait to be pit boss again.

Stand out tracks on Thousand Mile Stare:
The Product is You
Fact or Fiction


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